The Zia-Compounds represent a range of technical thermoplastics which are subject to high quality requirements. All products are extensively pre-, in-, and post-production tested to meet standards and regulations.

Zia-Compounds (Recylates)

The Zia-Compounds have been developed by us in close collaboration with our customers.

MKV's brand refers to technical plastics with an emphasis in the areas of Polyamid, POM, PBT and PESU.

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Other Recyclates

MKV has decided to focus on the products listed in detail under ZIA–Compounds. However, we are also able to produce or procure other thermoplastics.

Also in this area MKV wants to stay true to its slogan "Everything From One Supplier".

Please feel free to contact and ask us about these possibilities.


Remnants are materials, that cannot be utilised any more or that MKV has no use for.

Customers gladly use our extensive network to sell their remnants. We are happy send you the overview as a pdf file.

For information about our current stock please contact us.