Recycling, green materials, sustainability and effective use of resources are ubiquitous terms in the daily life of plastics manufacturers and their customers.

Recyclates/Zia-Compounds represent a number of technical thermoplastics, that are underlying high-quality requirements. All products are being evaluated before, during and after the production to comply with legal requirements and standards.

The Zia-Compounds have been developed by us in close collaboration with our customers.

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Make use of our expertise and technology. Not only can you generate revenue with the disposal of injection moulding scrap but you can also make more effective use of your resources by feeding back scrap parts and sprues into the production process.

MKV offers you a fully comprehensive “care-free” service package. Whether it concerns the disposal, grinding, dust extraction, metal separation, compounding, regranulating or laboratory analysis of plastics, MKV is your reliable partner in the plastics industry.

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You are asking yourself:
How do I become sustainable?
How can I save CO2?
How can I generate savings?
How can I get an advantage instead of my competitors?

We have the answers!

MKV does not leave anything to chance.

A well equipped laboratory and experienced technical engineers guarantee high-quality products. Nothing is more important than supplying our customers with consistent quality products.

The quality of the compound depends on the incoming goods inspection. The original product has to be unmixed with any other material and free of impurities to produce a granulate that will meet the customer’s requirements.

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Our skills and our know-how are the keys to your success.

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